Series: Cursed 2020

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

Seasons: 1, —

Episodes: 10

Country : USA


Cursed is a series that tells the legend before the arrival of King Arthur. Another Arthurian legend but focusing on a young sorceress named Nimue. The story of King Arthur wielding the legendary sword Excalibur,  the sword on stone. But this story tells before King Arthur, a young and powerful woman wielded the sword. Nimue belonged to the sky people or the Fey. But she was gifted with magical powers. Her people said she was cursed by the darkness and called her a witch. Her mother never gave up on her and said it was a blessing for her people but not everyone can understand. During their ritual the fire chose her to be the summoner but everyone opposed.  She also didn’t want to be a summoner since she thought she was cursed. So she thought she would flee far away in a ship.

On the other hand, the red paladins were attacking and burning down down villages people with mystical powers. Their king Uther couldn’t stop them as he didn’t seem to be eager about it. His kingdom was already suffering from drought. So he called the famous and powerful enchanter, Merlin. Rumors were he had lost his powers. Nimue missed her ship and was with her best friend Pym. They involved in an fight with some Knights on a bet and flee. Two red paladins also noticed her powers and followed them. A young mercenar, Arthur who they briefly met helps them to hide. Arthur seemed to like Nimue. But she and Pym leave him asleep and go for her village. Unfortunately it was already under attack. The red paladins took everyone, killed and burned them. Nimue’s mother hid the legendary sword and gave it to Nimue to keep it safe then deliver to Merlin. She gets killed to make way for Nimue to escape. Here Merlin was trying to bring rain with his magic but blood rain falls. He realised that a war was coming.

The series amazingly depicted the folklore even though there were some lackings. The acting might seem a bit slow at first but it is fun to watch so many adventurous  and action scenes. This Netflix show can be watched on a lazy Sunday.


Katherine Langford

Devon Terrell

Gustaf Skarsgard

Daniel Sharman

Sebastian Armesto

And more.

Image source : https://pin.it/2X1ouG0


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