In the Heart of the Sea 2015

Movie: In the Heart of the Sea

Genre: Historical, Drama, Adventure

Director : Ron Howard

Country: USA,  Spain


The movie is based on the same name non-fiction novel by Nathaniel Philbrick. It depicts the struggle of survival of the men who were sailing an American whaling ship named Essex in 1820. The ship recruited Owen chase as the first mate and an inexperiences captain, George Pollard. Along with other men, a fourteen year old boy, Nickerson was recruited as a cabin boy. They all left their families and owen also bid his pregnant wife goodbye. They start their journey in search of whales for oil. But Owen and Pollard had their clashes over decision making and made own choises facing troubles.

But both of tgem decide to make up and finally kill a blue sperm whale. Then again months pass but no luck. Pollard decided to sail towards Pacific from Atlantic. On the way the meet a spanish captain who warns tgem about a huge dangerous white whale that killed his men. But Pollard and Owen ignored it as a myth and kept sailing. Just when they launched whaling boats the huge albino bull sperm whale attacked them. After that it went after the ship and broke it apart. Two men die and others escaped on boat with fewer supplies. They were attacked again but manage to reach a tiny island. Upon reaching they discovered human skeletons and realised no one would come this way. They might die. So some of the decided to stay while others go out to seek help. But they ran out of food and decided to do cannibalism. The real struggle to live started right there. The story was told by now an old man, Nickerson. The creator of masterpiece novel Moby-Dick,  Herman Malville, requested Nickerson to tell his story of survival. He was the sole survivor who was still alive. So much inhuman struggle made him hesitated to tell at first. But his wife encouraged him. On the basis of this incredible story, one of the greatest novel of the history of American literature was created.

The movie has amazing casting. So much struggle and uncertain future how the men lived was portrayed wonderfully. It’s a must watch.


Chris Hemsworth

Cillian Murphy

Tom Holland

Benjamin Walker

Ben Whishaw

Brendan Gleeson

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/66HVfYu



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