The Edge of Seventeen 2016

Movie: The Edge of Seventeen

Genre: Teen, Drama

Director: Kelly Fremon Craig

Country: USA

Storyline : 

The story is focused on the hardship of growing up. Nadine is only a year away from becoming an adult. Yet she struggles to keep a good and friendly relationship with her elder brother, Darian and her mort, Mona. Darian is really popular at school and her mother is always busy with herself. The only person she had a great bond was her father but he died when she was only 13. Now she can inly count on her best friend Krista.

Nadine is one of those agitated teenagers and she didn’t care about her behavior too. She was even rude to her class teacher Mr. Bruner. He was always patient with her and understood her situation. Nadine always used to tell Krista about everything and how much she hated her brother. One day Krista came to Nadine’shouse for sleepover but Darian also kept a party at house. When Nadine went to sleep, Krista went to talk to Darian and soon got intimated with each other. Unfortunately, Nadine sees them and gets angry with Krista. Now she is all alone. But her classmate Erwin had a crush on her. His constant trial made them good friends. But Nadine rejected his romantic approach since she liked her upper classmate, Nick. But Nick only wanted to have sex with her which embarrassed Nadine. Broken and devastated she goes to Mr. Bruner’s house for support.  There she discovered he had a nice wife and an infant. But she taunted him for being a loner. She apologises and Mr. Bruner calms her down. He then tells her to go home because her family does care about her. Darian comes to take her home and confesses that he feels pressurized for handling all responsibilities on his father’s place. Nadine also confesses her feelings and they hug each othe then go home. Upon returning she also reconciles with Krista and they became better. Nadine then tells Erwin that she was sorry for not realising his love for her. Everything goes is a smooth way after that.

The movie is basically based on coping up right before being an adult. Everything seems complicated and there is always an unseen pressure. But the portrayal of handling everything was amazing.  It’s worth a shot.


Hailee Steinfield

Woody Harrelson

Haley Lu Richardson

Blake Jenner

Hayden Szeto

And more.


Image source : https://pin.it/2xPmT7V


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