Dallas Buyer’s Club 2013

Movie: Dallas Buyer’s Club

Genre: Drama,  History

Director: Jean-Marc Vallée

Country: USA


The year was 1985. Ron Woodroof was an electrician and a rodeo cowboy. He led a reckless lifestyle. Frequent parties and getting intimate with multiple women were a regular thing for him. One day he collapsed at his home. Woke up in a hospital with a shock. He was diagnosed with AIDS. At first he couldn’t believe it. At that time people had little knowledge with a very limited treatments to increase lifetime. Most people thought it only happened to the homosexul people.  So Woodroof’s friends and family abandoned him. He got fired from his work and got kicked out from his house. But he didn’t want to die so soon. The  doctor treating him was Dr. Eve Saks. She told him that the FDA only approved AZT to test on patients. But was not allowed to prescribe it to anyone. So Woodroof bribed a nurse to supply the drugs for him. But the nurse couldn’t give him more because it might hamper his job.

So Woodroof goes to Mexico in search for different treatments. A Mexican doctor prescribed him some drugs with supplements.  But he told it was illegal in America as FDA didn’t approve it. After trying those medicines for a while Woodroof started to feel better. The Mexican doctor told him that AZT was harmful and killed every cells on contact. So he imported the drugs to his country pretending to use it personally. He started selling them to the fellow patients and people on streets. He partnered up with a fellow patient Rayon who is a trans-woman.  They form a club with monthly subscriptions called ‘The Dallas Buyer’s Club ‘. It becomes extremely popular and caught FDA’s attention. There were clashes and threats for Woodroof from the police for arrest. Meanwhile Rayon dies losing the battle. She wanted to live and even went to her father for money to help Woodroof. This hurts both Woodroof and Dr. Eve. So Woodroof started his own battle against everyone.

The film is based on true events. It is a biopic of Ron Woodroof himself. The story is full of heart warming emotions and awareness about AIDS. How an AIDS patient breaks down both physically and mentally is depicted amazingly. This movie won tons of awards along with Academy Awards for best leading and supporting actors male. It is worthwhile to watch.


Matthew McConaughey

Jennifer Garner

Jared Leto

Denis O’Hare

And more.


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