Penelope 2006

Movie: Penelope

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy

Director: Mark Palansky

Country: USA,  UK


The story begins with an age old curse that was put on the wealthy Wilhern family. Long ago Ralph Wilhern had an affair with a servant girl. But denied marrying her. So she committed suicide. However her mother was a witch and she cursed the family that the next girl born who will also be a true blood will have a pig face. If one of her own kind learns to love her will lift the curse. But for five generations the family only had sons. But Ella Wilhern had a girl after with sign of that curse. So they thought the curse may be broken. Unfortunately, Ella’s grand daughter, Penelope is born with a pig face. It is revealed that Ella’s daughter was not a full blood but Penelope is.

Jessica and Franklin Wilhern don’t let the outside world to know about Penelope. Although many journalists try to learn the secrets but failed. Penelope grows up inside the four walls. Her parents provide her with almost everything but inside the house and she is allowed to step outside.  When a reporter called, Lemon tried to take baby Penelope’s photo Jessica blinded one of her eyes and decides to spread a fake news of Penelope’s death and shut her up in the mansion. After she turns 18 her parents decides the curse can be lifted if a noble born man falls in love with her. But anybody who saw her face ran away. But the butler managed to catch the to sign an agreement not discuss outside about what they saw. It continued for 7 years  until Edward Humphrey Vanderman III flees without signing the agreement. He reports to a local police but the newspaper articles only called him insane. So he teams up with Lemon to redeem his lost dignity.  They manage to find a young blue blood, Max who is disowned by his family for gambling. Venderman uses Max’s need of money. He pays him to pretend to Penelope’s suitor and bring a hidden camera with him. When he sees her he gets shocked but not frightened. But he triggers the camera and retreats. Penelope thinks that he must be frightened and begs him to marry her so that the curse lifts. If it doesn’t lift she will kill herself to free him. Seeing her helplessness Max says he cannot marry her calls off the agreement with Vanderman and Lemon. Also breaks the camera. After having enough Penelope decides to leave the house and explore the outside world.

This is amazingly a funny and enjoyable movie. It has fairy tales mixed with modern era. The adventure and finding true love will give you great time watching the movie.


Christina Ricci

James McAvoy

Catherine O’Hara

Peter Dinklage

Reese Witherspoon

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/3KFN4no


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