Andhadhun 2018

Movie: Andhadhun

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Dark Comedy

Director: Sriram Raghavan

Country: India


The story is about a brilliant pianist, Akash Sarraf who pretends to be blind. He fakes his blindness to be a better pianist. He meets with Sophie while crossing a road. They become friends and the get involved in an intimate relationship. Being impressed by his talent Sophie brings him to her father’s dinner party. There a former actor, Pramod and his wife, Simi also came. Pramod is very impressed over Akash’s talent and invites him to play on his wedding anniversary. When Akash arrives at Pramod’s flat Simi opens the door. But as she thinks Akash was blind she lets him enter.

After entering Akash sees Pramod’s dead body was laying on the floor and there was blood. Simi’s secret lover Manohar was hiding in the bedroom. Akash gets scared but doesn’t react.  He starts playing the piano while Sumi and Manohar cleaned everything up. After that Akash leaves and decides to file a complaint. But he sees that the police officer was Manohar himself. Again Simi’s neighbour Mrs. D’Sa tries to reach police about the murder.  But Simi pushes her from the building and she dies. Akash also witnesses that but is forced to be quiet. On the other hand Simi starts suspecting Akash and tests him by giving a poisonous offerings and pulls a gun. Akash fails the test and admits that he has been faking his blindness to be a better pianist. He also plans to go to London forever and will never spill her secret. But she drugs him which actually makes blind.

The movie is full of twists. The only thing that may bother us that it has too many turn of events that will make say no more twists please. But to understand what really happens you need to reach for its end. How innocent people can be disastrous and reckless to protect themselves is wonderfully depicted. A must watch movie it is.



Ayushmann Khurrana

Radhika Apte

Anil Dhawan

Zakir Hussain

Manav Vij

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/Bwz3O4C


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