Series: Daredevil 2015

Genre: Action, Crime , Fiction

Seasons: 1,2,3 

Episodes: 39

Country: USA


Matt Murdock is blind. He lost his eyesight at a very young age. But his senses are more intense then any other person. He is very good at hand to hand combat and was taught boxing by his father. His father brought him up and trained hard. Growing up he becomes a lawyer.  With his friend Foggy he opens a law firm. By day he fulfills his oath. But by night he is a vigilante who secures justice by fighting and beating the bad guys. People unaware of his ability don’t take him seriously.  He wears a blind fold and wears black clothes at night and saves people. Because of him some Russian gang is unable to do their unlawful business.  One night he gets seriously injured and breaks into a flat to save himself. Fortunately it was a nurse’s house. Her name was Claire Temple. She was also facing problems.  Murdock deals with her that he will help but she has keep quiet.

The story moves with different stories and heavy action scenes. There are episodes where Daredevil crosses path with Punisher, another Marvel character. Murdock is not any superhuman who has superpowers like other MCU characters.  He is just well trained and has perfected his senses. He is more actives and trains hard. With his grey morality he saves the world at night. And nobody can easily handle him even though he cannot see. The series is worth a shot and a perfect show to watch with friends on Netflix. Don’t miss the amazing opening song.


Charlie Cox

Deborah Ann Woll

Elden Henson

Rosario Dawson

Ayelet Zurer

Jon Bernthal

Elodie Yung

Jay Ali

Bob Gunton

And more.

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