Forgotten 2017

Movie: Forgotten

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Director: Jang Hang-jun

Country: South Korea


The movie begins with Jin-seok waking up in car. He and his family were relocating to another house. He starts telling about his elder brother, Yoo-seok who is a really talented and admirable person. For him and his family he is the perfect definition of a great person. Jin-seok thinks him as his idol. Although he became limp after an accident.  Still he is the same perfect person.  The family seems happy and perfect. When they shift into the new home Jin-seok’s father tells them not enter a room that is beside Jin-seok and Yoo-seok’s room. The brothers stay together in the room. They hang the calendar of year 1997.

While having a walk on a rainy night Jin-seok and Yoo-seok share their happy time but Yoo-seok gets a call so he head back home. But he gets abducted on the way by a black van. Jin-seok couldn’t save his brother and collapses.  In the morning detectives arrive. Jin-seok tells the car number but they say there’s no number like that. Jin-seok can’t sleep at night and gets nightmares someone torturing him. Also something scary hides in that room which will come and get him. On the 19th day Yoo-seok comes back. The two brothers hug and the family becomes happy.  But Yoo-seok can’t remember what happened. Jin-seok starts noticing changes in his behaviour.  He goes out every night but denies. One day Jin-seok forgets to take his medicines and doesn’t sleep that night.  He follows Yoo-seok to an unknown and narrow place. And sees Yoo-seok smoking and talking to two people who came as detectives calling him boss. But Jin-seok gets caught but those two. After a chase Yoo-seok gets him and he falls unconscious. The next day he wakes up the same place he was laying that night.  And gets frightened of Yoo-seok.  Yoo-seok calms him donating that he must’ve dreamt. He didn’t take his medicine that’s why he had this strange nightmare. But he discloses the details that Jin-seok never told. So he talks to him mother and says it’s not Yoo-seok.  His mother believes him and agrees and his father will go out with Jin-seok and follow Yoo-seok.  But that night Jin-seok overhears his mother was talking to someone about Jin-seok doubting on Yoo-seok. She calls the father to come home and tackle him. But catches Jin-seok. Jin-seok realises he was being a captive in the house with the people who are pretending to be his family. The story moves with astonishing twists.

Korean thriller movies never lets you down. This is one of those overwhelming masterpieces. If you have loved ‘Parasite’, you must also watch it. All the unexpected twists and turns will not let you rest. It’s a must watch film.


Jang Hang-jun

Kim Mu-yeol

Moon Sung-keun

Na Young-hee

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/4jO7yrm


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