Alita: Battle Angel 2019

Movie: Alita: Battle Angel

Genre: Sci-fi, Action,  Drama

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Country: USA 


The story is set on pos apocalyptic timeline. Dr. Dyson finds a disembodied female cyborg that has an intact human brain in Iron City’s massive scrapyard. He gives it a new body that he prepared for his deceased daughter and gives the same name Alita.The year is 2563. It’s been 300 year after “The Fall” or the great destruction. She wakes without any memory and slowly gets used to her new body. She becomes friends with Hugo who is involved in Motoball racing. Hugo teaches her the Motoball and she starts to become a pro at it. She meets Dr. Chiren who is Ido’s ex-wife. Hugo says he wants to be rich and live in the sky city of Zalem.

But there are news of cyborg killing and stealing their body parts. Hugo was involved in stealing the body parts for Vector. Ido tells Alita to stay safe. But she follows Ido and both get ambushed by cyborg serial killers led by Grewishka. Alita fights back using a lost combat art for machine bodies. She kills two cyborgs and injures Grewishka. He seeks helps fro Chiren who works for Vector. Ido tells Alita that he is a hunter warrior and works a bounty hunter for the Factory. Alita tells that she want to be a hunter warrior which may help her regain memories. But Ido refuses the idea. Soon she discovers another cyborg body outside the city. She recognises it was a member of the enemy nation URM in the Fall and she was a member too. She tells Ido to reinstall her into that body. But Ido refuses. So she registers her name as a hunter warrior and joins Hugo for Motoball race. But Grewishka comes with an upgraded body to kill Alita. He was sent by Zalem’s technocrat overlord Nova. He destroys Alita’s body. But was saved by Ido and other hunter warriors. Ido finally agrees to reinstall her in that new body. But the story doesn’t end here. Hugo falls in love with Alita and decides to quit his criminal job. Alita enters a Motoball race to win prize money for Hugo’s dream.But Hugo gets framed for murdered of his partner Tanji by Zapan. Zapan heavily injures Hugo. Now who will save him?

The movie is full of action and drama. This cyberpunk movie is based on Yukito Kishiro’s manga series Battle Angel Alita. This a must watch movie as James Cameron is one of the writers and producers.


Rosa Salazar

Christopher Waltz

Jennifer Connelly

Mahershala Ali

Keean Johnson

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/1DWc3M7


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