Series: Vincenzo 2021

Genre: Action,  Dark Comedy

Season: 1, —

Episodes: 20

Country: South Korea


Vincenzo Cassano is an Italian lawyer and consigliere of Italian Don Fabio. Fabio adopted him took him to Italy at the age of eight and renamed him after the Cassano family. The series begins with Vincenzo doing a deal with another mafia Emilio about his vineyard. The deal was the last wish of Fabio before his death.  As Emilio denies the deal Vincenzo burns the whole vineyard and leaves. Fabio’s biological son Paolo is now the new boss. But Fabio never trusted him. Paolo tells Vincenzo to be loyal to him. But Vincenzo tells him he will be loyal if Paolo deserves it. On that night Paolo sends men to kill Vincenzo.  But he kills them and goes back to Korea and threatens Paolo not to find him.

Vincenzo arrives in South Korea for a mission.  He is supposed to finish it and leave in one month. There are 15 tons of gold hidden under a building which he hid for a Chinese business tycoon. Now that he died Vincenzo plans to take it as nobody knows. On his way from airport he falls unconscious by drinking water from the car. The driver takes away all his stuff and leaves him on a deserted place with a note of cash. He becomes angry and curses coming here. However, he reaches the building.  The building has tenants living who do not want to leave or let the building to destroy. He along with Mr. Cho try to convince them but a real estate company called Babel corporation forces and threatens Mr. Cho to sign on the building sale papers and tries to take the building illegally.  On the other hand father and daughter are both lawyers but fighting against each other.  The daughter Hong Cha-young works in a famous law firm. Her father Hong Yoo-chan doesn’t like her daughter’s methods and working for money.  He has his own law firm that building where Vincenzo is staying.  Both father and daughter get involved in the mess with Babel corporation and its goons. How will he fight lawfully to take the gold with him? Watch this funny and action show till the end.

Unlike any other K-drama  Vincenzo gives the James Bond vibe in the opening and some other points in the show. With hilarious moments it depicts serious problems. There is action,  there is drama and more. And the cinematography is brilliant. This Netflix show is worth a shot.


Song Joong-ki

Jeon Yeo-been
Yoo Jae-myung
Ok Taecyeon
Yoon Bok-in
Kim Young-woong
And more.
Image source: https://pin.it/4VKVNGq
Trailer : https://youtu.be/S12-4mXCNj4

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