Fresh off the Boat

Series: Fresh off the boat (2015)

Genre: Sitcom

Seasons: 1,2,3,4,5,6

Episodes: 116


The show is based on the famous Chef Eddie Huang’s autobiography of the same name. In the series it shows how a Taiwanese  family struggles to set in America and adapt with the culture. The family consists of Jessica,  Louis,  their three sons Eddie, Emery and Evan,  and Louis’s mother Jenny. Jessica is involved in her own business with her neighbour. Louis has a restaurant with a wired theme according to Eddie. Emery is always excited with study project, basically a nerd. And Evan is the smallest.  Jenny is a handicap and always uses a wheelchair. She usually doesn’t talk and everybody respects her.

Jessica is always after her children like a overprotective Asian mother. Eddie has a constant chill mood and doesn’t bother listening to his mother. He is trying to be a basic American 90’s kid. He chasing after the American dream. Sometimes he feels embarrassed about his Asian culture.  Specially when her mother packs homemade food that spread strong odour. Her mother tries to make sure the children cling to their culture.  She is always worried about them. She doesn’t even want Eddie to date an American girl. But Eddie already chose an American blondie to be his girlfriend. So he forces Emery to cover for him. Emery is like a good back up pland for Eddie when it comes to fool his mom. But Louis is never never hard on children. Although he sometimes pretends to be to show his wife. Overall there are struggles because Louis’s  business doesn’t go well enough. Apart from all of these, the family doesn’t skip to enjoy. Even if it means going back to Taiwan to attend a marriage.  There funny moments and hilarious stuff happening throughout the series.

Portraying an Asian family making their way in America through the lives of a Taiwanese family was full of surprises. I’m sure watching these series is more fun to Asian people. Because they call all relate to the culture shock and embarrassing moments. The hard times were depicted in a fun manner that made life easier in a foreign country.  The language,  the food habit,  the education and so many contradictory things were shown.  A perfect family show to spend weekends with some snacks. It’s worth a shot.


Randall Park

Constance Wu

Hudson Young

Forest Wheeler

Ian Chen

Lucille Sung

and more.


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