In the Tall Grass 2019

Movie: In the Tall Grass

Genre: Horror

Director: Vincenzo Natali

Country: USA


Becky and Cal who are siblings,  were travelling to San Diego. Becky was 6 months pregnant and was sad. She was arguing with Cal in car. They stopped beside a very tall grass field.  Suddenly they hear a little boy, Tobin, calling for help. But his mother Natalie shuts him. To help them Cal goes inside and Becky also companies. But soon they get separated.  As if the ground itself moved them. At a point they couldn’t even hear the other one. So they tried to get out but it felt like a never ending way.

So Cal finds Tobin holding a dead crow. He talked stuff like the the grass don’t move dead things and Becky and Cal will die soon. He go to know it from the stone. Nothing made sense to Cal. And it was dark on his place. Becky found Tobin’s father. He tells her she may lose him so keep a track. But she loses him. It got dark and she was getting scared.  Suddenly a ghost like figure appears in front of her and she screams. The grass was like a never ending maze. Whoever gets inside never gets out. They fall into a horrible cycle where they continously die and come back to life.

Everyone was trapped inside the grass and it’s been months. Becky unborn child’s father Travis come searching for them. He reaches the same place. The tall grass field beside a church. The church seemed pretty old. He saw cars parked but they were dusty. Soon he recognises Becky and Cal’s car. He again hears Tobin’s screams and figures out all of them were inside the grass. So he enters too. He finds Tobin and follows. In the grass he discovers Becky’s dead body and cries a lot. The body was in a horrible state. He then tries to get out from the grass. Instead he finds Tobin’s father Ross. He then touches the rock in the middle of the grass. And then manipulates everyone to touch it. But in the meantime Travis,  Cal, Becky and Tobin find each other. Travis thought he saw Becky dead and then Natalie tells them no to listen to Ross. He is evil. He soon comes after them by killing his own wife. They all flee and hide in a building they found in the tall grass. After that they encountered many gruesome and unexpected events. How will they get out of the grass?

The movie is the adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name.  Though the movie had a lot of loopholes. Most of the time the didn’t seem to fit in. This Netflix movie scored pretty low when it comes to ratings.


Harrison Gilbertson

Laysla De Oliveira

Avery Whitted

Will Buie

Patrick Wilson

Rachel Wilson

and more.


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