Badla 2019

Movie: Badla 2019

Genre: Thriller, Crime,Mystery

Director: Sujoy Ghosh

Country: India


Naina is a very successful business woman in London. She leads a perfect happy life with her husband and daughter. One day out of the blue, she gets arrested for the murder of her secret boyfriend. Her husband leaves her with their daughter. Naina says she didn’t kill her boyfriend, Arjun. But all the evidences pointed at her. Her lawyer hires a famous attorney who never lost a case, Badal Gupta. Badal comes at Naina’s place before going to the station. He firmly tells her to not hide anything from him. Even a single misinformation can defeat the case. But Badal also gives her a very important information that there is a witness in the station who will testify against her. If she tells all the truth then he will stop that witness.

Naina starts her story from the beginning. She said that someone was blackmailing them about their extramarital affair. The person wanted money in exchange. So both she and Arjun went to a hotel for money exchange. But somebody attack her and she collapsed. After waking up she saw Arjun was dead so she escaped. Badal says she was still not saying all the truth. Because a young man also went missing near the incident took place. He said he won’t help her if she doesn’tspeak all the truth. So Naina tells him that she was living with Arjun in a cabin in the woods. She told Arjun that they both have families and she can’t cheat on her husband anymore. So they need to part ways. At first Arjun didn’t want to let her go. But agreed over a last drive together. Naina was driving and accidentally crashed a car on the way. A boy,Sunny was in the car and died. Arjun forbids Naina to call the cops and put the body on the body in his car’s trunk. Then they drowned it. After that they steal Sunny’s car. A local couple Nirmal and Rani offer them help and invite them in their house. Unfortunately Arjun took Sunny’s phone and wallet with him. When get inside the house it turns out Sunny’s was the couple’s only child who they loved so much. The story then reveals a lot of truths. But you will not know what really happened until it ends.

The movie is a remake of a Spanish film ‘ The Invisible Guest ‘. It is full of twists and turns. The mystery will give you thrill. An enjoyable movie for thriller lovers. So don’t miss it.


Amitabh Bacchan

Tapsee Pannu

Amrita Singh

Tony Luke

Tanveer Ghani

And more.

Image source : https://pin.it/3TLec8Q


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