Series: Hellbound 

Genre: Mystery, Action, Drama, Fantasy

Season: 1, —

Episodes: 6 —

Country: South Korea


The show starts with a terrifying scene where a man gets brutally beaten and burnt by three humongous looking creatures. It sparks a chaos through the country. Nobody could explain what just happened. Until a man comes. He is Jeong Jin-soo who is also the chairman of an organisation called the New Truth. He has been telling about something like this would happen if people keep on sinning. After this shocking incident, people start following the organisation. Another organisation also works to make people stop sinning but in a very aggressive way called the Aerohead. The New Truth and Aerohead comprehended to people that only the sinners will get killed like this. But before that they get prophecies about them being Hellbounded and the time of their death.

The New Truth even live casted some of the demonstrations. People blindly started following the organisation like a new religion. Whoever went against it they were beaten and humiliated by Aerohead followers. The police wouldn’t even record this. Crimes stated rise like this and the hellbound victims’ families got insulted and harassed as well. A detective started investigating the truth behind it. Also a lawyer tried to unravel the mystery but both of them were beaten by the Aeroheads who were working for The New Truth. Finally the detective reaches chairman Jin-soo who reveals something really interesting. He tells that many years ago he got the decree that today will get hellbonded. But he never committed any sin. To find the mystery he established the organisation. He also tells that people were chosen for hellbound randomly. So he misused the fact hiding the truth to manipulate people so that they live as good people. Now what will happen to the organisation?

The series is based on the webtoon of same same. It has a very different concept the story is on a whole new level.  The ending doesn’t reveal anything related to why and who are chosen for hellbound. But it did gave  a really interesting hint towards a season two. This is not like any other Netflix show that you would feel clueless or get bored. This is a must watch.


Yoo Ah-in

Kim Hyun-joo

Park Jeong-min

Won Jin-ah

Yang Ik-june

And more.


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