Soul 2020

Movie : Soul

Genre: Adventure,  Animation,  Drama

Director: Peter Docter

Country: USA


A middle school music teacher,  Joe Gardner is very passionate about jazz music.  But his students never seemed to be much passionate about it. Even after having a permanent job at school and having all his expenses taken care of he still doesn’t feel like it’s his place. He wants something meaningful about jazz. So his mother is very worried about his decisions which lacks life security. On that very day a former student of his tells him about a great opportunity to perform with Dorothea Williams in her famous jazz band.

Being excited Joe hurries and plays piano at the audition. Dorothea gets impressed by his brilliant skills and tells him to perform in the band that night.  Joe is so happy thinking he finally got what he wanted his whole life. He followed his late father’s footsteps  who also was a jazz musician but not that successful.  Unfortunately on his way to home he falls into a manhole and discovers his soul got detached from his body.

Now he in a place where souls gather to pass the Great Beyond. He instantly understands if he passes that he will die and he will never be able to perform. He will lose the opportunity he waited his whole life for. So he escapes and falls into a place where new souls are prepared for earth. There each of them are given personalities and shaped. Every soul has to fulfill boxes of requirements except one box that is called the ‘spark’ . If a soul finds its spark then it’s ready for earth. Those who find difficulties in finding the spark are mentored through the You Seminar. The mentors are souls of people who had great achievements on earth. They teach the young souls and then go to the Great Beyond. So Joe disguises as a Noble Laureate child psychologist as a mentor getting assigned to no. 22. This soul has not found its spark for billions of years because she doesn’t want to go to earth.  She thinks earth is full of miseries and it’s not for her. Then Joe reveals his true identity saying if he can get her badge he can go to earth instead of her. No. 22 thinks it’s a brilliant idea. Because she doesn’t wanna go to earth and Joe needs only a chance to fulfill his dream.  So the my go on trying to find her spark but nothing happens.

One the other hand Terry who is a soul accountant notices a missing soul.  He rushes to find it and send back to the Great Beyond. Hiding from everything Joe and 22 reaches a place called The Zone. Here souls gather who are still living. They are just lost or obsessed ones and a soul called Moonwind helps to get them right track.  He kinda sends them back to their bodies. When made a portal to Joe’s body they see Joe was in coma and cat was on his hospital bed. Joe rushes to get back but accidentally 22 also falls with him. Unfortunately Joe got into the cat’s and 22 got in his body. Now what will happen next? Better watch till the end.

This amazing Disney Pixar movie is full of adventures finding the meaning of life.  We often mix the idea of a passionate life and a meaningful life. We must enjoy and feel the smallest things that happen in our everyday life. This movie depicted that very beautifully.


Jamie Foxx

Tina Fey

Graham Norton

Angela Bassett

Rachel House

and more.


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