I Care a Lot 2020

Movie: I Care a Lot

Genre: Thriller,  Dark Comedy

Director: J Blakeson

Country: USA


The story begins with a hustler name Marla Grayson and her fraud business. Her job is to convince a judge about elderly people and take their guardianship legally.  By moving them into her contracted care facility and cutting all access to family or friends. On the other hand she sells their property and assets. By doing this she makes a living.  To target the elderly people she takes the help of Dr. Karen Amos.

One day Dr. Amos tells her that she found a flawless target, Jennifer Peterson and they can earn a very big profit. Marla’s partner, Fran collects all her data that she is a retired businesswoman with no living family member. She is very rich. So all of them manage court order of guardianship for  Marla with false claims of Dr. Amos. Marla and Fran move her into the care facility and takes away her phone. Then they auction off all her stuff and house. Marla then finds the key of Jennifer’s deposit box. She finds diamonds and keeps them. While renovating Jennifer’s house a man with taxi comes to pick her. But sees that she wasn’t there. Tha worked for a former Russian mafia who was Jennifer’s son John.  He finds out what happened and sends a lawyer to Marla. He offers her a big amount and tells to give up Jennifer’s guardianship.  But Marla refuses and the lawyer indirectly threatens her. She always said she won’t lose to anyone. So she clears the lawyer out.

Now Jennifer’s son is really angry and directly sends his men to take her mother. They involve into violence and kill. They almost took away Jennifer but Marla and Fran arrive and save the day. John now takes the dangers path. He first kills Dr. Amos as a warning.  Seeing this Marla goes to Jennifer to know who she really was. But she doesn’t say anything instead of of death warnings. Frans finds out Jennifer Peterson is not her real name. The real one died as a baby and she has been living with a fake identity. Seeing the situation getting worse Marla and Fran decide to go hide for a while. But before that both of them get captured. Fran gets beaten to almost death in her house. Marla is kidnapped and taken to John. He then again again asks her to give up and tell the diamonds’ location. Marla denies. So they knocks her out , ties in a car and pushes it to fall from the cliff and drown. After that a lot of twists and turns happen.

The movie is themed as dark comedy but you may not get the comedic vibe. A lot more was expected from Rosamund Pike though. But even having so many twists the movie didn’t meet up expectations. However the concept wasn’t that bad. Costume design and cinematography were well enough. You can give it a shot just like any other Netflix movie.

Cast :

Rosamund Pike

Peter Dinklage

Eiza Gonzalez

Dianne Wiest

and more.


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