Big Hero 6 (2014)

Movie: Big Hero 6

Genra: Animation,  Sci-fi, Comedy

Director: Don Hall, Chris Williams

Country: USA


The movie focuses on a child prodigy Hiro Hanada who is an expert making robots. He graduated from high school at only 13. But he often gambles in robot fighting. As a result he ended up in jail. To save him from this bad habit his big brother, Tadashi takes him in a tour of San Fransyoko Institute of Technology.  There Hiro meets with Tadashi’s friends- GoGo, Honey Lemon,  Washbourne and Fred. He also meets Professor Callaghan. But then his brother showed him the most unpredictable thing. His newly invented robot Baymax who is an inflatable health care robot.

Tedashi says that with this robot he wants help people and bring about a great change. The robot is yet to be displayed. Then Hiro notices a robot exhibition.  Being inspired from his brother he also wanted to create something special and show the world. So he  works hard day and night trying to invent something amazing. This will give him the chance to enroll the university. After many failed attempts he finally creates microbots. These tiny robot can be controlled  with a head band and put together turning into anything.  With this wonderful creation he gets approval from Professor Callaghan to get admitted. But his innovation also attracts the ceo of Krei Tech Alistair Krei. He offers Hiro  big amount for the mricobots. But Hiro declines the offer. It also seems that Callaghan was very agitated about Krie.

When Hiro, Tadashi and their friends were enjoying the achievement outside university suddenly fire broke. Everyone got out except for Professor Callaghan.  Tadashi’s rushes inside to save him. Hiro tried to stop but the whole place blusts along with his microbots. Tadashi and Professor Callaghan die in the fire. Hiro is heartbroken and refuses to attend university.  He is sad at home. He then opens up Baymax. He looks like a white big plush bear who can even give hugs. His censors can detect any type of distress in a human body. He instantly recognises Hiro is sad and gives him medication. But he doesn’t like it. Suddenly he discovers a piece of microbot which is trying to go somewhere. As if it has sensed its other parts nearby. He and Baymax goes to search. They reach an abandoned warehouse and find all of Hiro’s microbots. Then a masked man come attacking them with those microbots. They barely got out from their. Was that man responsible for the accident? Who was he?

All these secrets are revealed throughout the movie. This an amazing Disney film  with thrilling twists. It depicts brother’s love, family love, great support from friends and a lot of funny actions.  A perfect movie to enjoy with your kids on weekends. Also the story was flawless with some amazing cast.


Scott Adidas

Ryan Potter

Daniel Henney

T. J. Miller

James Cromwell

and more.


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