Seviyor Sevmiyor

Series: Seviyor Sevmiyor

Genre: Romance, Comedy,  Drama

Seasons : 1

Episodes : 28

Country : Turkey


Deniz and Yigit are childhood friends. Yigit was new to school and had no friends because he looked smaller and fatter than anyone of his class. The only one who made friendship was Deniz. She was beautiful and smart. But Deniz’s family lost their wealth and suddenly they had to move into another city. So the two friends got separated.  Yet Yigit fell in love with her.

On present day Deniz lives with her best friend Irem in the same apartment flat. She works part time job in a small restaurant.  But she got fired because she angrily poured juice on customers who pissed her off. She looks shabby and unarranged like she doesn’t care anything. She is loud and always makes mess. She is nothing like she used to be. On the other hand her best friend Irem belongs to a rich family but doesn’t have a good relationship with her family. She is beautiful and stylish. Just the opposite of Deniz but they are always there for each other. Irem hangs out with plenty of boys even though she is engaged.

After all these years Yigit finally finds out Deniz’s email and tells her to  meet. Deniz agrees and both become super excited to meet as they haven’t seen each other for years. Irem drops Deniz to the meeting place and waits for her. Deniz sees a very handsome man was coming right at her and talking to her on phone. Deniz recognises Yigit but he doesn’t recognise Deniz. He passed her and asked a beautiful lady if she was Deniz. It saddens her and she realises that Yigit must have thought she looks as beautiful as before. Now she looks like a junkie. But she doesn’t want to disappoint her friend after all these years. So she convinces Irem to pretend to be Deniz and meet Yigit. Irem meets and it went successful. Unfortunately they thought Yigit will go back to America and it was a one time meeting.  But they were wrong. Yigit actually left America to set up his own company in Turkey. So they plan to keep it simple and Deniz tells Irem to cut of all contacts with Yigit and never meet him. Deniz gets hired in a fashion magazine company. She becomes friends with almost everyone in the office and close friend to Tuna. Tuna has a crush on her from the first day. Then it was time for them to welcome their new boss. Turns out it was none other than Yigit. Deniz is shocked and becomes confused. How will she cover her lie now?

This fun but twisted rom-com Turkish drama is really fun to watch.  There is not only romance and comedy but also sadness and bitter truths of life. Watch it with your friends on holidays. It is really amazing.


Zeynep Çamcı

Zeynep Çamcı

Gonca Sarıyıldız

Yiğit KirazcıKirazcı

And more.

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