Janowar 2021

Movie : Janowar ( The Beast)

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Director: Raihan Rafi

Country: Bangladesh

Storyline :

The movie is based on a tragic event that took place in Bangladesh in 2020. It took place in Gazipur in reality.  A mother lived with her three children alone. The eldest was a daughter was around twenty, the middle one was also a daughter who was in elementary school and the youngest was a boy with autism.  It was the little daughter’s birthday.  As there was the pandamic lockdown so they didn’t invite anyone but arranged a small and fun party at home. They were so happy but never thought what horror was waiting for them.

On that night a group of masked robbers broke into their house while they were sleeping. They came with an information that the family had a huge amount of money at home. So they woke everyone up and demanded the money. But the family didn’t really have it. So they tortured them and locked the boy in bathroom.  They all begged the robbers to take whatever they want but do not harm them and let tgem go. But they never listened. Suddenly their inner monsters showed up so they gang-raped the three women of the house after abusing them. But one of their masks came of and the family recognised it was a known man. So they decided to kill them mercilessly. They strangled and stabbed all of them. Even little boy was not left. Then they pivjed whatever they could from home and escaped.

This movie depicts the horrific reality of gang-rape. When humans lose their sanity for good they become beasts and no mercy or ethics are left behind. As a result they do what no one can ever imagine. The actors did a great job portraying the macabre situation. As it was based on true events, the culprits were captured by police. Even tge police were worried about the saftey of their owm families. The people around us can break trust and show narcissistic fantasy ruining our lives. We must stay alert and take precautions to avoid such terrible fate. A must watch movie.

Image source: https://www.natunnewsmonitor.com/2020/10/janowar-2020-directed-by-raihan-rafi.html


Rashed Mamun Apu

Farhad Limon

Taskeen Rahman

And more.

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CrimeDramaThriller. Janowar (Beast) a tragic truth is a crime-drama web film of Bangladesh. It is inspired from the true incident of the robbery, gang rape and murder case of 23 April, 2020. Janowar (Beast) a tragic truth is a crime-drama web film of Bangladesh.

Janowar (2021) – IMDbhttps://www.imdb.com › title
Initial release: January 14, 2021
Director: Raihan Rafi

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Janowar | Official Trailer | Cinematic Originals | Taskeen | Apu | Elina Shammi | Raihan Rafi

Janowar (2021) | Part – 01 | জানোয়ার (পর্ব – ০১)

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Janowar (2021) | Part – 02 | জানোয়ার (পর্ব – ০২)

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Janowar (2021) | জানোয়ার (২০২১)

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