Raya and The Last Dragon 2021

Movie: Raya and The Last Dragon

Genre: Animation,  Fantasy, Adventure

Director : Don Hall, Carlos Lopez Estrada

Country: USA


The story is focused on an ancient history where there are dragons living among people and saving the world. Then a plague came called Druun that had a black smokey monstrous appearance. Any living creature came into contact turned into stones including dragons. The dragons faught with all their powers but lost. Then the mighty last dragon, Sisu created a magical stone that destroyed all Druun. But the land of Kumandra got divided because people faught each to possess the stone. So five nations were creted- Heart, Fang, Spine, Talon and Tail. They all became enemies but the stone was kept and protected by Heart.

Raya was the daughter of Cheif Benja of Heart. Benja wanted to end the enmity and become Kumanda again. So he invited all the nation heads for a feast. But Fang princess Namaari tricked Raya and tried to steal the stone. Over a dispute it fell and broke into five pieces. Upon the breakage the Druun appeared again but was resistant to the stone pieces and water. So all five nation head took the pieces each and escaped. To save Raya, Cief Benja gives her the stone and throws her into water yet he becomes a stone. Now Raya is alone with her pet Tuk Tuk. For six years she tries to find Sisu as there were rumors she was alive in the rivers. She finally manages to revive Sisu and explains waht happened. They realise if Sisu can put all the pieces together the Druum will disappear and everybody will get back to life. But Namaari was hunting Raya and she almost caught her but they escape with Boun’s boat. Before that they manage to take Tail’s stone piece. Each time Sisu holds a stone piece she gets enhanced by the powers of her brothers and sisters who put it in the stone while creating it. They manage to collect all the other pieces exept Fang’s. On the journey Raya gets accompanied by some people from every nation who also want to help her and bring back their lost loved ones. But Raya can’t trust Namaari as she once back stabbed her. But Sisu convinces her to trust again because somehow Namaari also wants the world to be peaceful again. Namaari came to give the stone but she was holding an arrow. Raya couldn’t trust her and Namaari accidentally shoots Sisu. Sisu falls into the river. Now that she is dead, all the water starts draining and the Druun got more powerful. Now it was on rampage. How will Raya save the world now?

This amazing Disney movie depicts the lives of Asian people and their history. It also represents the idea of the strength of unity among people. How important is to trust someone and how the world can be a better place if we come together. It’s a great movie and must give a shot.

Image source: https://pin.it/2OAtMOy


Kelly Marie Tran


Gemma Chan

Daniel Dae Kim

Benedict Wong

And more.


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