Split 2016

Movie: Split

Genre: Psychothriller, Horror

Director: M. Night Shyamalan

Country : USA


The movie follows a man named Kevin who suffers from dissociative identity disorder or DID, formarly known as split personality disorder. He has 23 type of personalities and Barry dominates all of them deciding who will be on light. But suddenly lost this control and three destructive personality Dennis, Patricia and Hedwig take charge. Dennis is a pervert, Patricia is a dominant woman and Hedwig is a nine year old child.  They believe in the 24th personality called The Beast will come and will make them recognised by the world. Barry didn’t lets these personalities come out but now they were out. Kevin developed the disease due to childhood abuse and abandonment. His psychiatrist Dr. Karen Fletcher noticed that Dennis was pretending to be Barry.

In the beginning of the movie Dennis kidnaps three high school girls Claire, Marcia, Casey and brings to an unground like place and locks them in a room. Casey was a loner at school and was invited to Claire’s birthday party even though they were not friends. On their way ti home Dennis knocks out Claire’s father and took their car with the girls in it. He was actually following and planning to kidnap Claire and Marcia. But Casey was abducted too since she was in their car. They soon discover that their kidnapper has multiple personalities. So Casey tries to calm the other two down and manupulates the child personality  Hedwig.  The discover a an escape route and Claire tries to escape but soon captured by Dennis. He locks her separately. Marcia also tried to escape but same happens to her. Dr. Fletcher realises that Dennis is upto something bad. So she goes to his place tells her the Beast will arrive soon and kill the impure people who never suffered pain. She lied going to the toilet but discovers Claire. Dennis knocks Dr. Fletcher unconscious and leaves tge place to transform into the Beast personality. He comes back and breaks the torso of. Dr. Fletcher. Then he kills and eats Claire and Marcia. Casey watches it when she gets out of the room. Suddenly the Beast arrives. Now what will happen? Ending is quite amazing.

Split is tge sequel of Unbreakable movie series. Both movies having different plots finally connect in the last sequel Glass. It’s a horror psychothriller that will blow your mind. It’s worth a try.

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James McAcoy

Anya Taylor-Joy

Betty Buckley

Jessica Sula

And more.


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