Kong: Skull Island 2017

Movie: Kong: Skull Island

Genre: Sci-fi,  Adventure

Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Country: US 


The story begins with two fighter pilots crashed on an island because of World War ll. American pilot Hank Marlow and Japanese pilot Gunpei Ikari. They start hand to hand combat but get interrupted by a giant ape. Years later in 1973, the head of an American government organisation Monachorum, Bill Randa plans for a search mission of  primeval giant species on Skull Island.  Skull Island has been discovered recently and he wants to do some research there but he needs to form a team with the most capable men. So a team is formed which includes US army lead by lieutenant colonel Packard, former British special Air force captain Conrad,  anti-war photographer Waever, Randa himself and his fellow scientists.

After a bit of distress they reach the Island and drop seismic explosive to prove seismologist Brook’s theory that the Island is hollow. But a giant ape attacks and crushes all the choppers. The survivors get divided into two groups.  One led by Packard with his army and another of sciencetists with Conrad and Weaver. Packard is angry to lose him men and wants to kill the ape. So he search for transport helicopter piloted by Major Jack Chapman. Conrad and his group find natives Iwi who live inside a bamboo structured place. They meet an old Hank Marlow who tells them about his crash on this island. He tells that the giant ape, Kong is the protector of Skull Island. He protects them from a giant monster species called skullcrawlers. They killed all the apes but only Kong is alive. When he die the biggest skullcrawler will arise and kill them all. So they all work together to build a ship and try to contact Packard. Here Major Jack Chapman is all alone trying to find the others. He writes a letter for his family right before he gets killed by a skullcrawler. Packard finds his body and thinks this is all Kong doing to his men. So he plans to lure Kong and kill him. But Conrad and Weaver realises that Kong means no harm so they try to stop Packard.  But Packard traps Kong and burns him. Right after that the biggest skullcrawlers arises from the water and now starts its rampage. Who will save them now?

The movie is full of adventures and new species. Human survival and existence is questioned with the discoveries of ancient giant species living among humans. Though the story may seem a bit slow but the action scenes make it up at last. It’s worth a shot for King Kong lovers.


Tom Hiddleston

Samuel L. Jackson

John Goodman

Brie Larson

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/7N0ujwI


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