The Martian 2015

Movie : The Martian


Genre: Sci-fi,  Drama

Director: Ridley Scott

Country: US


The year is 2035. A crew of astronauts of Ares lll is on a mission to Mars. While conducting the mission the fellow astronaut Mark Watney get struck by debris gets detached from others in a sand storm. His bio-meter gets damaged and others presume he is dead. Their mission also seemed to be at risk so they head back to the orbiting vessel Hermes. An injured Wateny wakes up after the storm. His oxygen level is also low. So he somehow manages to go to the habitat set up for missions. He treats his wounds and now he is all alone on an entire planet.

Wateny thinks of making a video diary while he waits for the next Mars mission after four years. There are no ways to contact with earth too. So he had a great concern of food. There isn’t much food to survive for four years. But as a botanist he figures out a brilliant idea. He uses the waste of crew mates as fertiliser to grow potatoes from the left ones. Also her begins to modify the to journey to net next mission’s MAV site. He struggles with challenges living alone on Mars. But fortunately Mindy Park who is a NASA satellite planner notices moved equipment. She realises that Wateny is still alive. She lets the NASA director Teddy Sanders announces the news publicly but wanted to hide it from Wateny’s crew mates to keep their focus on mission. But flight director Mitch Henderson wants them to know. Now the main mission start that is rescuing Wateny. They start all type of procedure and build up new equipment. They even take help from different kinds of people and help from China. On the other hand Wateny’s potato farm blows up and ruins his food. Here on earth there’s failure to build booster rockets. So will they be able to rescue Wateny? Will Wateny make it alive? Watch till the end.

This amazing Sci-fi movie is full of excitement. People who don’t like watching space related movies will also like it. The fun and possibility. Sharing experience, rocket science is combined her altogether. So if you don’t watch it you miss a great film. It’s a must watch.


Matt Damon

Jessica Chastain

IKristen Wiig

Jeff Daniels


Sean Bean


Benedict Wong

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/65DsREF

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