My Mad Fat Diary

Series: My Mad Fat Diary 2013

Genre: Comedy, Teen drama

Seasons: 1,2,3

Episodes: 16


The story in set in the mid 90’s focusing on a 16 year old girl named Rae Earl. She weighs 106 kg and suffers from severe mental problems. She has extreme body image issues. After four months of treatment she comes back home. On the road she sees her best friend Chole riding on a bike with her friends. She gets nervous a nd hides. Nobody know she’s been to a psychiatric facility. They know that she’s been to France for vacation.

But Chloe takes her out to meet with her gang. All Rae could think was what would they say about her weight. Will they accept her or make fun of her. But she finds courage and decides to introduce herself. But Chloe’s friends were really friendly and polite.  They didn’t even care about her looks. She also digs in and enjoys her time in the cafe. Chloe’s friends were Archie, Izzy, Finn and Chop. Rae looks at everyone and observes them. She liked Archie the most. But Finn was a bit hostile and gave thug vibe. A total bad boy. Rae starts hanging out with them. Her mom thinks she is getting better. But she still had her anxiety problems and often went for therapy. Also writes about her daily life in her diary. She has funny expressions and cracks hilarious jokes out of her overthinking. She imagined really funny stuff that moved along with the show. After a while Archie gets into a relationship with her and promises her a date. Being so excited about her first date she goes for shopping with Chloe.  She even wears make up probably for the first time. But Archie never shows up. She breaks down waiting and thinks that she was never good enough. But unexpectedly Finn shows up and tells her not to wait. He comforts her which is not common for a guy like him. But the next day Rae goes to find Archie to know why he didn’t come. She discovers Archie was peeping into men’s showers. He was gay. But he was too afraid to come out and used Rae as a cover. So he apologises and begs that she doesn’t tell anyone. Rae was shocked but felt good that it was not about her. With time Rae and Finn get closer and goes in a relationship. Finn was really handsome and a lot of girls want him. But he chose to be with a simple and funny girl like Rae. Out of low self-esteem Rae often thought why did he chose a fat person like her. Maybe he deserves someone better and good looking.  But Finn never treated her like that. He admired and loved her so much. On the other hand Izzy and Chop becomes girlfriend and boyfriend too. But Chloe was self destructive hanging with bad and older men. All of these thoughts made Rae extremely anxious. So she took some reckless steps.

This is an amazing British drama. Very less people know about it. But once you start watching you will laugh like crazy. Although it portrays mental heath problems,  existential crisis, friendship, love, loss, enjoying life and experiencing new stuff before becoming an adult.


Sharon Rooney

Claire Rushbrook

Dan Cohen

Jodie Comer

Nico Mirallegro

Ian Hart

and more.


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