The Favourite 2018

Movie: The Favourite

Genra: Comedy, Drama

Director: Yorgos Lanthimos

Country: UK, USA, Ireland


The story is set in the beginning of 18th century England when there was an ongoing war with France. Queen Anne was in poor health and seems drowned in sadness and disappointment. The dutchess of Marlborough,  lady Sarah Churchill is her oldest and closest friend. As she is ill, Sarah take over the duties of the Queen. She tries to handle in her way favouring her and her husband. But the Queen trusts her. Then appears Sarah’s cousin Abigail to find work in the Palace. Her father has lost wealth and he had to give her own daughter away in gamble. Abigail, once a lady now becomes a maid at the palace.

With her wit she tries to aid the Queen and soon becomes the personal maid of Lady Marlborough. Sarah teaches her shooting,  lets her read and borrow books from the library. But soon she catches the eye of the opposition leader, Robert Harley. He was against of some measures about tax collection as he was also a land owner. He knew that Sarah was taking decision all by herself calling it the Queen’s order. So he was thinking about getting information from Abigail as she was the lady of the bedchamber. There was a party and all gathered at night. But the Queen unable to walk sees Sarah dancing with Colonel Masham.  She gets irritated and shouts demanding Sarah to take her back. They go to the library and have sex. But they didn’t know about Abigail’s presence. Abigail gets nervous and quietly gets out of the room. Harley arrives outside the room and asks Abigail to spill secrets about the Queen and Sarah. She initially denies to betray her mistress. Harley even uses Colonel Masham to seduce Abigail. Even though Masham always flirts with her she didn’t really care and acted playful.

Sarah was getting busy with work not giving time to the Queen. On her absence Abigail gives company to the Queen and impresses her. The Queen tell her about the 17 rabbits in her chamber. They are symbols of her 17 children who died. This makes Abigail cry. But Abigail was cunning.  She soon seduces the Queen and sleeps with her. Seeing this Sarah gets very angry and tries to get her out of the palace.  But Abigail was smart. She started passing state information to Harley and in exchange she wanted him to convince the Queen for her marriage with Masham.  She did everything to gain her ladyship back. The movie takes subtle turns and shows the reality of Abigail.

This is a great dark comedy movie. There is laughter,  there is reality and there is history.  Greed and pride was depicted in an amazing manner. No wonder it had to Academy Awards nomination along with others. Olivia Colman was awarded Academy Award for best actress played the sick , depressed and agitated Queen.


Olivia Colman

Rachel Weisz

Emma Stone

Nicholas Hault

and more.


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