Ratsasan 2018

Movie: Ratsasan

Genre: Crime,  Mystery,  Thriller

Director: Ram Kumar

Country: India


Two elderly men go walking in the morning started a little conversation. Suddenly the dog of one of them started barking and went loose. It ends up discovering a dead body of a 15 year old girl inside a polybag. This news spreads like fire and four more girls are found in the same manner. Ammu is one of them who happens to the niece of assistant sub inspector Arun. After Ammu was missing the whole family including her police father started searching for her. Unfortunately her body was discovered by Arun himself and shatters.

Everytime and abduction happened the killer left a head of a doll inside a gift box. Sometimes the doll had their faces mutilated in a way to express how the bodies of girls were mutilated.  Arun worked his own way to find the killer.  But the police department ignored all his theories.  So he planned to carry out on his own by secretly taking the dead bodies for autopsy to Dr.  Nandan. Finally Arun gets suspended for killing a criminal in a particular case while encounter. Now he is helpless.  But the way his niece was killed he couldn’t standby anymore.  He started to investigate thoroughly with the help of few policemen. He then tracks down a lady who used to show magic performances in school functions and right after two days the volunteered girls students got kidnapped and brutally murdered. This pattern of killing lead find Arun the next victim. He found the girl and started following but loses her. Fortunately he was able to provide his number for safety. When the girl got abducted she remembered Arun’s instructions and locks herself inside a bathroom.  The killer tries to break in but she calls Arun and by tracking her phone he rescues her. But the killer escapes.

From the killer’s den or hideout he finds a lot of pictures and clues. He finds a family photo and a news article about a crime. He then finds the inspector handling the case then. That inspector gives him information about the killer and her family. But when he finds who the real killer was he gets murdered as well. On the other hand Arun gets arrested because of his interruption in the case even after suspension. While the killer is on loose he then kidnaps another little girl who was Arun’s lover’s niece. Now what will he do?

The movie is quite long enough with a whole lot of twists. Thrilling mystery may look like it will get solved but with time it gets convoluted. But it can said to be one of the most amazing crime thrillers in South Indian film industry. Though there were some extra stories which may look exaggerated. Overall it the performance was great.


Vishnu Vishal

Amala Paul




Suzane George

and more.


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