Revenge 2017

Movie: Revenge

Genre: Action,  Thriller

Director: Coralie Fargeat

Country: France


The story is about a Jennifer who is an American girl.  She was having an affair with her neighbour Richard.  Richard is really rich. So he takes Jennifer for a vacation and hunting to his place in the middle of a desert. They were having fun together. Until two of Richard’s friends Stan and Dimitri arrive for hunting together. That night  they party and dance. Jennifer catches Stan’s eye. The next day on Richard’s absence he rapes her and Dimitri doesn’t do anything. After Richard comes back he yells at Stan but offers Jennifer a large sum of to forget about.  Angry Jennifer threatens him to reveal their secret to his wife. And she wants to go home. But Richard slaps her so she runs away and reaches the dead end of a cliff. Then Richard pretends to apologise and call for his pilot to send her home. The moment she comes closer to Richard he punches her off the cliff. She falls over a sharp broken tree brach. It pierced through her stomach. Thinking she died they all leave like nothing happened. But Jennifer didn’t die. She now prepares to come back for the deadliest and bloody revenge.

The movie is full of violence and graphic images. So much action. Although the story may look unrealistic but you can enjoy it till the end.


Matilda Lutz

Kevin Janssens

Vincent Colombe

Guillaume Bouchède

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/5yjsHF8


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