Room 2016

Movie: Room

Genre: Drama

Director: Lenny Abrahamson



The story is about a young woman, Joy and her son, Jack who are held captive in an isolated shed cut off all type of interactions with the outside world. The abductor they call old Nick locked Joy up held for seven years. He routinely comes and rapes her. Their son Jack was born inside this shed. Now he is five years old and has long hair. His mother tells that only the room and everything inside is real. The outside world exists only in television.

Whenever old Nick comes, Joy puts Jack inside the closet. Old Nick says he will not be able to provide any of their necessaries as he lost his job. One night when he came Jack comes out of the closet and they interact. Joy gets terrified and slaps Nick away. Nick punishes them by cutting electricity. A fed up Joy then decides to tell the truth about outside world to little Jack.  At first he doesn’t believe and gets confused. But when his mother tells that only he can help them get out of this hel, Jack believes.  When old Nick was away, Joy trained Jack to pretend to be dead and then she wraps up in the carpet.  Little Jack struggles but finally does it. When old Nick finally arrives Hoys cries and tells him that Jack had a fever and because he cut of electricity and heat he died. So wrapped him in the carpet.  Old Nick believes her and takes the carpet on the back of his truck. Jack remembers what his mother taught him and escapes. He asks for the help of a man on the road and he calls the police. The police rescues Jack and asks his about where his mother could be. Little Jack told some details about a shed. Fortunately the police finally rescues Joy and they are both sent back to Joy’s parents.  She has suffered from malnutrition and depression.  Now both of them are in the hospital.  But upon release Joy struggles to cope up with the current world. She has missed a important part of her life. She cannot except it. Jack tries to learn new stuff with his grandparents. But Joy has a hard time and attempts to commit suicide.

The movie is based on the same name novel by Emma Donohugh. It depicts the struggle of an unfortunate single mother and raising her kid in the finest way. The unexpected events she faced in her life alone were never meant to be. Yet she struggles and tries to cope up. This movie won a lot of prestigious awards including Academy Award for best actress in a leading role. This is a must watch.

Cast :

Brie Larson

Jacob Tremblay

Sean Bridges

Joan Allen

William H. Many

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/21r8pel


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