This Is Us

Series: This Is Us (2016)

Genre: Family, Drama

Seasons: 1,2,3,4,5.

Episodes: 80

Country: US


The series focuses on the lives of the Pearson family members.  Rebecca and Jack Pearson had triplets but one of them was stillborn. They were white but they decide to adopt a black child who was born a day after the triplets and abandoned by his father. They are Kevin, Kate and Randall. All of them are grownups now and started their own families. Jack died when they were 17 so later on Rebecca marries Jack’s best friend Miguel. The story is shown in two different timelines. The present day and flashbacks from 1980.

The way each and every family member struggled in life is depicted amazingly. It portrays the importance of family. No matter what they were individually they were a family. In happiness and sorrow they supported each other and understanding was built firmly. Being the only black kid in a white family there was racism from outside and even relatives.  But as a mother Rebecca shut everyone off a d took great care of her son. Also Kate had eating disorder and she became a victim of obesity.  She is seen facing a lot of problems in her life at present.  But her loving husband never stopped supporting her. She tries to become pregnant and start a family but fails. But the constant support from everyone kept her trying. Kevin struggles to become a successful actor yet never really taken seriously. He is more focused on his career then having a family like his siblings.  But still appreciated by his family.  Rebecca and Jack had their hard times as well. The family suffered over the loss of Jack. But soon copes up and build themselves. Now Randall is a successful finance professional. He lives happily with his wife and two daughters.  They even adopt another daughter. But sudden arrival of Randall’s biological father puts them in dilemma. Unfortunately he was suffering from cancer and would die soon. So he wanted to see his son one last time. But Randall couldn’t go through one more death and losing his father again.

With five seasons, the show represents reality of what a family can go through the entire life. The show is really beautiful and a must watch.


Milo Ventimiglia

Mandy Moore

Starling K. Brown

Chrissy Metz

Justin Hartley

Chris Sullivan

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/26eOZ4s


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