The Platform 2020

Movie: The Platform

Genre: Mystery,  Horror

Director: Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia

Country : Spain


The movie about people turning themselves in a tower-like centre which is called Vertical Self Management Centre or The Pit,  in return of something they want. But there are rules and policies everyone must follow. At first all of them must go through some physical examinations and give eating habit details.  Then they are put on a certain floor. The floors change after every thirty days.

Goreng has come to spend six months and after that he will get his diploma. He wakes up in a cell with a number 48. His cell mate Trimagasi tells him they are in level 48. There is a big rectangular hole through which food will be delivered from above floors. The people on lower level will only have what is leftover by the people on the upper level. They cannot keep any food for later. They have to eat for the little time the Platform is there. For a month both of them managed to do stuff together and  had fun. Trimagasi  tells Goreng there is a woman called Miharu comes down on the Platform in search for  her lost kid. After a month they are put 9n level 171. Where the Platform will not have any food. They have to survive till the next thirty days. They were allowed to bring one item with them before coming to the Pit. Goreng brought a book but Trimagasi brought a knife. He after passing some days starving Trimagasi ties Goreng and cuts meat from his body to cannibalise and survive. He reveals that he came here to get rid of his life sentence for manslaughter. When he was about to kill Goreng, Miharu comes and kills Trimagasi. Goreng is saved. Then he eats Trimagasi’s dead body. He survives and reaches 33rd level. There he meets Imoguiri and her dog. Goreng remembers her to his interviewer for the Pit. She volunteered to fix some things as she is suffering from cancer. Imoguiri tells him not to eat more then he needs so that every level can have food. She also tells the same to the upper and lower level people. But nobody listens. So Goreng threatens the lower level that he will defecate on the food if they don’t listen. It works. Imoguiri tells him there 200 level and Miharu cannot look for a child because nobody under 16 is allowed.  But after thirty days they reach level 202 and finds Imoguiri hanged by herself. Now how will he survive? Watch till the end to reveal the horrible truth.

This movie depicts the socio-economic state of our society.  The life of people from every class and how thy survive. The interaction between them and higher ups. It also tells about the solution to be united and get rid of unfairness. This is a must watch Netflix movie.


Iván Massagué

Zorion Eguileor

Antonia San Juan

Emilio Buale Coka

Alexandra Masangkay

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/6KWVVAq


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