Suspiria 2018

Movie: Suspiria

Genre: Horror, Witchcraft, Cult

Director: Luca Guadagnino

Country: US, Italy


The follows Susie Bannion who comes to Berlin for an audition at a famous dance company. Right at that time a dancer named Patricia disappeares. Susie gets accepted by madam Blanc, the artistic director and lead choreographer of Markos Dance Academy. During a rehearsal Patricia’s friend Olga accuses the academy of disappearing Patricia and being a coven for witches. She also says they all worship the witch tio – mother Tenebrarum, Mother Lachrymarum, and Mother Suspiriorum. Then she tries to flee but gets trapped in a mirror room. While Susie performs for madam Blanc, her moves becomes the reason of Olga’s body damage. Soon the matron come and picks her disfigured body with hooks.

Meanwhile Patricia’s psychiatrist Dr. Klemperer tries to figure out her diary. She also mentioned about the academy’s witchcraft. Susie and Sara becomes good friends. They look after each other. Susie dreams about bizzare things and screams at night. The other dancer say it is common at first living in the academy.  Dr. Klemperer seeks Sara’s help to find the truth about the academy. She refuses at first but then gives in. She reaches a hidden chamber where the matrons did rituals. She takes a hook and gives to Dr. Klempler. But she didn’t know she was being monitored by a matron. Madam Markos is informally selected as the leader over madam blanc. Markos is a very old witch and has run the cover for a very long time. She has her own faithful followers and corrupts the coven. Meanwhile Susie gains to play the main performar in the most anticipated dance performance, Volk. She quickly becomes madam Blanc’s protegee as she earned it. Before the play Sara is cought by the matrons and breaks her leng bone. Then she again get back to her usual form and performs i the show. Later on same thing happens to her like Olga and Patricia. She is taken inside that hidden chamber. Here madam Markos plans to use Susie as her new vessel. So she prepares a sabbath and slits madam Blanc’s throat. Susie arrives at the place and accepts Markos’s demand. Dr. Klemperer is also taken from his place by the witches. But Susie reveals herself to be Mother Suspiria. Then tge horror happens.

Suspiria is a remake of the 1977 film of the same name. Besides there are other narrative acts. Overall the movie is a bit slow. But there are grusome seens of violence. Not much of a mystery yet there may arise some tensions. But cannot guess any part without seeing till the last.


Dakota Johnson

Tilda Swinton

Chloe Grace Mortez

Mia Goth

Jessica Harper

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/2oARi2h


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