The Haunting of Bly Manor

Series: The Haunting of Bly Manor 2020

Genre: Horror,  Drama,  Fiction,  Mystery

Season: 1

Episodes: 9

Country: USA


It stats with a woman with grey hair attending a rehearsal wedding dinner.  She shares a story with everyone.  It was about the life of an au pair who was hired by a wealthy businessman  Henry Wingrave in 1987. The au pair was Danny Clayton,  an American native. She was hired to take care of his niece, Flora and nephew, Miles at the Bly Manor relocated in Hampshire. But Danny always had a vision that some black shadow with a pair of shiny glasses was behind her whenever she looked into the mirror. But she avoided that anyway.  The cook of the Manor,  Owen took Danny there from Henry’s office. There she met the children and the housekeeper, Hannah Grose.

Although she was welcomed pleasantly but their behaviour seemed a bit off. She was warned not to leave her room at night. While changing in her room she noticed Miles peeping from the door which was really awkward. She called him in and told not to repeat it. But Miles cunningly said he came to give her roses and a hairclip as a welcome gift and then leaves. While bathing Flora she got to know the hairclip belonged to the previous au pair, Rebecca Jessel who killed herself.  Flora really loved her and it seemed like she was always talking to Rebecca like she sees her.

Danny thought maybe Flora did it out of shock. The manor had a garden too. Her name was Jamie Taylor. But everything leaves the manor before night except for the au pair Danny. She got to know about lake around the place. Flora said something mysterious about the lady of the lake and Rebecca drowned herself there. So that night the children locked her inside their cupboard. Danny screamed all night and saw that shadow again. She was really scared but nobody got her out. In the morning the children unlocked her and she yelled. They said the door got locked accidentally. She got really angry and told them to never do that again and notices Hannah cleaning mud footprints.

Even after warning Danny left her room that night  and had tea. The children got out of bed too to see her. But there was a scary ghost like woman moving around the house. Fortunately Danny didn’t see her but heard noise. Coming out of the kitchen she children and put them in bed again. Every morning there were mud footprints all over the house. Danny thought it was Miles. When Miles said he didn’t. Something was not right but nobody seemed to tell her. With time she got closer to Jamie.  Everybody had their great time at dinner. But suddenly Flora was found wondering around the lake. She also saw two children inside her room had no faces.  She had a dollhouse with everybody’s structure in the house and placed them accordingly. Hannah was also acting strange and disappeared every now and then. Danny found herself at a loss and called Henry for help and come over. But Henry never called back.

With all the mysteries roaming around about the house were connected to each other. Every episode showed the past incidents of each character.  Their life, their loss, reason of their being at the manor and the real story of why Henry never went to the house was depicted with delicacy.  The was full of ghosts who died in the grounds.  They were like captured and roamed around the manor. How did the die and why they weren’t free to go anywhere were revealed bit by bit in every episode. In the end the loved some found their loved ones and some lost. The amazing city cinematography make you feel like resembling The Haunting of the Hill House. Some may confuse the show as the its second season but it isn’t. It has a completely different story.  Even though most of the cast were same. The story had its many lacking but it’s not as scary as The Hill House. This Netflix show metaphorically shows the human life flowing with time and its affairs.


Victoria Pedretti

Olivier Jackson-Cohen

Amelia Eve

T’Nia Miller

Rahul Kohli

Tahira Sharif

Amelie Bea Smith

Benjamin Evan Ainsworth

and more.


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