The Sinner

Series: The Sinner (2017)

Genre: Thriller, Mystery

Seasons: 1,2,3, —

Episodes: 24

Country: USA


Cora Tannetti is in her late 20s who lives with her husband, Mason and toddler son, Laine. At first she seems have a simple life and a nice family. They have a family business. But Cora seems distressed. On a family picnic she tries to drown herself but then comes back to the shore. They all sit down together and Cora was cutting pear for her son. There were two young couples enjoying right in front of them.  A couple was getting intimate and they were playing a song with high volume.  Suddenly Cora rushes with her knife and stabs Frankie Belmont 7 times and shouting to get off the girl. Upon bleeding he dies and Cora gets arrested. Her husband and everybody else was shocked for what happened.

The police doesn’t fi d any criminal charge against Cora before that. People who knew her tells that she was not a killer. Maybe it was an impulsive action. She repeatedly denies of knowing Frankie who was a doctor. Detectives Harry Ambrose and Dan Leroy were in charge of this mysterious case. Mason struggles to see Cora cause he was speechless and their house was surrounded with reporters. Meanwhile Cora can’t sleep at night and has nightmares. She hears the same music played on the beach in her head. She even gets flashbacks of her past life. She was raised by strict religious parents in upstate, New York. Her mother always blamed her disobedience as the reason for her younger sister’s illness. Even when she was only a little girls her mother never let her have a normal childhood saying that God will be angry with her sins. Her sins will not let her sister, Phoebe get well. On her hearing Cora pleads guilty but the judge reconsider her punishment and orders for checking her mental stability. Detective Ambrose digs deep into the case and forces Cora to tell the truth. Meanwhile he also struggles with his marriage. Cora tells him that she knew Frankie five years ago and got pregnant with his baby aftera one night stand. She couldn’t tell her parents or abort the baby so tried committing suicide before a car. But she lived and had a miscarriage. When she saw Frankie she got impulsive and stabbed him. But back then he told his name was JD. Detective Leroy finds out that Cora lied about Frankie and her parents’ death. With more investigations unbelievable and unexpected truths reveal.

The show is full of mysterious events.  All those twists and turns with make things more interesting. Although it’s not very dynamic. It’s like slow classic thriller. But with realistic acting and settings you will not get bored. Must give it a try. More seasons are yet to come.

Image source: https://pin.it/sMkKuZq


Jessica Biel

Bill Pullman

Christopher Abott

Abby Miller

and more.


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