Enola Holmes 2020

Movie: Enola Holmes

Genre: Young-adult, Mystery

Director: Harry Bradbeer

Country: US


The movie is about young and blooming Enola Holmes is the sister of famous detective Sherlock Holmes. The famous Holmes family has their unconventional way of seeing and dealing the world. Enola and her mother, Eudoria live together in their home and they also have a housemaid. Eudoria has taught Enola everything. She has prepared her to live life independently and face everything with courage. But on her 16th birthday Eudoria qdisappeares and leaves behind some birthday gifts which were actually clues. Here listening about their mother’s disappearance,  Sherlock and Mycroft arrive at the train station.  Enola comes to receive them. But both her brothers cannot recognise her after so many years and she also looks shabby. But then they recognise her and go home.

Mycroft is now her guardian and forces her to go to a finishing school to become a proper lady. She begs Sherlock to help her but he can’t since he is not her guardian. Though unlike his big brother, Sherlock thinks Enola is very intelligent and brave. That night Enola takes the clues and leaves the house in disguise of a boy. She takes the train and sits in a chamber. She notices a guy was looking for someone and might wanna kill. In her chamber a young well dressed boy comes out from a bag and recognises Enola was a girl. He tells her to help him. But she leaves warning him about a man who might kill him. After she leaves the man and the boy start fighting so Enola comes back and saves him. They both head towards London. She realises that the boy was a Lord  of Tewkesbury,  Viscount Tewkesbury.  They part ways when they reach. Enola uses the money left by her mother and buys dress and disguises as a victorian lady. She connects all the clues and reveals that her mother was a part a radical group of suffragettes. Her brothers were also trying to find her. While investigating Enola is attacked by the same man on train but fights her way back ans escapes. So she decides to drop her mother’s case and find Tewkesbury as his life was in danger. But when reaches the Tewkesbury mansion an inspector recognises her she is caught. Mycroft sends her to the finishing school. But she needs to find Viscount and her mother. How will she flee from school now? To know watch till the end.

Enola Holmes is based on the novel by Nancy Springer of same name. A dynamic young-adult fiction that is full of mysterious events.  A lot of twists and turns are there. A good movie to watch with your family.


Millie Boby Brown

Henry Cavill

Sam Caflin

Helena Bonham Carter

Louise Partridge

Frances de la Tour

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/bscTW6t


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