A Simple Favour 2018

Movie: A Simple Favour

Genre: Mystery,  Comedy

Director: Paul Feig


The story focuses on two mothers Stephenie and Emily. Stephenie is a widow and runs a vlog that teaches parents handling their children and cooking. Her son is friends with Emily’s son. Emily is a PR director at a fashion company. She usually doesn’t take much care of her son as she always stays busy. Their sons wanting to have playdate eventually make them know each other. Emily invites Stephenie home and they talked each other about their lives. Stephenie spill s secret and Emily tells that her financial status isn’t as good as it looks. Her husband, Sean is an English professor and wrote a book that was famous once. But now his failure is frustrating Emily.

Stephenie tells Emily she would babysit her son if she needs to go anywhere.  So one day Emily tells her to look after her son as Sean was in London. So she babysits Emily’s son but Emily doesn’t show up even after two days. Stephenie learns from Emily’s boss she went to Miami. Then Sean tells the police about it. After a while the detective Summerville reports that Emily’s body is found in the lake of a summer camp. Stephenie learns from him that there was large amount of drug in her system. On the other hand she and Sean get involved on a sexual relationship.  Sean also takes out 4 million dollars from Emily’s life insurance. The suddenly Stephenie gets a text about her secret that she told only Emily.  If  she was dead then who would send it to her. So Stephenie starts digging up Emily’s past. She finds an artist who once painted Emily.  But the painter says it was a painting of a con artist who suddenly disappeared one day. She keeps looking for more information and finds a year book of Emily. There Emily’s name was something else and she had a twin. After that secrets are revealed and many shocking events take place.

The movie isn’t quite that suspenseful. The starting might seem a bit boring. But there are mysteries and lots of funny moments. You may watch it when you have nothing else to watch.

Image source: https://pin.it/2rql3eR


Anna Kendrick

Blake Lively

Henry Golding

Bashir Salahuddin

Jean Smart

And more.


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