The Shape of Water 2017

Movie: The Shape of Water

Genre: Romance,  Fantasy

Director: Guillermo del Toro


The story sets on a timeline when there was a cold-war going on in America.  It’s about a mute woman, Elisa, who leads a lonely life. Everyday doing the same things. She works as a genitor in a secret government laboratory. There she has a friend called Zelda. She has a good bonding with her next door neighbour, a middle aged struggling advertising illustrator, Giles.  These are the only two people who are close to her. Otherwise she doesn’t have anyone else.

One the laboratory brings an amphibian humanlike creature that they captured from a South American river. To do different tests and something useful they lock it up and forbid anyone to go near it. Elisabeth got really curious to see it. So she secretly goes inside the facility and observes it. The creature also sees her. At first they got scared but soon they looked at each other with curiosity.  Elisa’s secret visits continue and the form a close bond. She even feeds him eggs.

Unfortunately the the amphibian man is tortured for further tests. The man who found him was colonel  Strickland.  He persuades general Frank Hoyt to do deadly experiments on the creature. This may even kill him. The science in charge of the experiments was actually a Russian spy. He pleaded not be so merciless on this living being. He can also feel pain. But Strickland was so cruel. Eventually Elisa hears this vicious plan and decides to save him. After all she fell in love with the amphibian man. As Elisa was barely noticeable it was easy to be out of Strickland’s doubts. She took Zelda’s help to escape with amphibian man. The scientist also helped them and gave what he needs to be alive. While escaping Strickland notices and chases the car that took it away.  But failed to catch it. Elisa brings him home and keeps it in her tub as he cannot live without water. Giles also agreed to help Elisa to keep him safe and secure.  They wait till a rainy day when there will be access to ocean. Elisa plans to release him to a nearby canal. While being at her house the amphibian man gets closer to Elisa.  They get to spend intimate moments with each other.

On the other hand general Hoyt tells Strickland to find the amphibian man within 36 hours.  As time passes his health goes down.  So the sciencetist had to visit him at Elisa’s home. Unfortunately Strickland chases him and finds out he was a Russian spy. So he shoots him and arrives at Elisa’s place. Now what will happen? The end of the movie really heart warming.

It is one of the most incredible movies directed by Guillermo del Toro.  The acting,  the music and the cinematography was brilliant.  No wonder it had to win the best picture for Academy Awards.  It won several other distinguished awards too. The classic setting and a different style story made it wonderful. A perfect Sunday movie to watch with your loved ones.

Cast :

Sally Hawkins

Michael Shannon

Richard Jenkins

Doug Jones

Octaves Spencer

and more.


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