Look Away 2018

Movie: Look Away

Genre: Horror,  Psychothriller

Director: Aassaf  Bernstein

Country: Canada


The sorty is about a socially isolated girl Maria. She  always looks nervous and scared. The only one friend she has at school is Lily otherwise most of them bully her. Maria has a crush on Lily’s boyfriend as he treats her good.  She lives in a huge decorated house withe her always depressed mother and a perfectionist father who is a plastic surgeon. Maria’s father always gets angry with her awkward behavior and tells her to act like a normal teenager and make more friends.  Her mother is also avoided by her father as he stays in his clinic for a long time.


One day she finds a sonogram that shows twins and wonders what it was. Then goes into her bathroom and looks at the mirror.  Suddenly her reflection moved. She got really scared. She even tried telling her parents but they didn’t seem to believe her. Again she goes to check if it was real. This time her reflection talked and said her name was Airam and she has always been here. Maria’s life is full of tragedy and the reflection was well aware of that. So she often offers her to replace with her. She can help her through. But Maria always rejected. Then she discovered that her father has affair and his mistress comes to meet in his clinic. It shocks her. Then her best friend Lily takes her for ice skating lessons alone. But instead she taunts Maria and warns hers to stay away from her boyfriend, Sean. Maria falls on the ice and is left alone in despair. Maria cries coming back to home unable to tell anyone about it. Then Airam comforts her. Maria’s father tells her to give him a plastic surgery as a birthday gift removing her flaws. It shatters her.

Then it was prom night. She went there to have great time but she is bullied very badly and cries but nobody helped her. This time Airam again tells her to switch place and let her teach them a lesson. Maria finally agrees and puts her hands in to the mirror. They switch places. Now Airam is free and Maria is trapped inside the mirror.



Everyone beings unaware sees a very confident,  beautiful and strong Maria. She goes to school and threatens her bully without being scared. She arranges her mother a meeting with her father at the clinic and makes her face the fact that her husband is cheating on her. Her mother is fully broken and doesn’t confront her husband. Then she calls Lily to ice skate with her for old times sake. This time Airam in disguise of Maria skates perfectly and take Lily further.  She skated like horribly chasing Lily and and Lily falls hitting her head.  Afterwards she dies. Airam comes back home and Maria trapped in the mirror was angry that she never wanted anybody to die. Now she wants Airam to switch places. Airam tells she won’t.  She shows her evil sides and conducts a killing a spree in Maria’s name. The ending reveals who Airam actually was which is shocking.

Although the movie has twists and turns there were a lot of loopholes.  Yo may find the story a bit off. The story itself might not make sense. But it was indeed thrilling with some horrifying killings. Better get popcorns to watch it. This Canadian film is worth a shot.


India Eisley

Mira Sorvino

Jason Isaacs

Harrison Gilbert

Penelope Mitchell

and more.


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