The Girl On The Train 2016

Movie: The Girl On The Train

Genre: Psychothriller, Mystery

Director: Tate Taylor

Country: USA


Rachel Watson isa divorced alcoholic woman who rides on a train everyday into New York City. She has lost her job but lies to her roommate that goes to her job everyday. But rides the train only to see the house she used to live with her ex-husband. While being in the marriage she suffered a lot for her infertility and developed alcoholism. Her ex-husband Tom arranged a party but she made a scene while being drunk. Tom gets fired and blamed her for that. Now he lives with his new wife Anna and their daughter. Their neighbours Scott and Megan are also a married couple who had a messed up marriage. Megan worked as a nanny for Tom’s daughter. Rachel often harasses Tom and Anna calling them everyday.

These were the thoughts running in Rachel’s mind while she was riding the train passing that place. One day she sees Megan Kissing a man on her balcony. Drunk Rachel gets furious and gets off the train to confront her. After that everything went black and she woke up in her appartment wounded with blood. Megan went missing. Detective Riley comes to interrogate her because she seen in the area that day. But as she is almost always drunk she can’t remember anything. Rachel reaches Scott and tells him that on the day Megan went missing she saw her kissing a man. She identifies the man was Megan’s psychiatrist Dr. Kamal Abdic. So he is interrogated as well. He tells the police that Scott was emotionally abusive and Megan wanted peace which created a moment in between them. Now is suspected. Megan’s body is found and results showed that she was pregnant. Scott cannot believe it because she didn’t want to have a baby and they often fought over it. The baby was neighbour Scott’s nor Kamal’s. Scott aggressively enters Rachel’s house and confronts her for directing the police making him a suspect. So she goes to police fo Scott’s assault and maybe he killed Megan. But detective Riley says they found a new suspect.  In the train Rachel meets Tom’s former boss’s wife Martha. She apologises to Martha for her rude behaviour in Tom’s party that day. But Martha tells that she did nothing wrong. It was Tom who cheated on her with his co-workers. He had physical relationship with them that’s why he got fired. The Rachel realises that Tom implanted false memories while she got drunk and physically abused her during her blackouts. She starts remembering the day she went to confront Megan and found her and Tom arguing. Tom was the father of Megan’s baby and he wanted her to abort it. But he hit Rachel unconscious. She also realised that Tom killed Megan. The story moves with more thrilling scenes.

The movie is based on the debut novel by Erin Cressida Wilson of same name. With amazing twists and thrilling moments it will make you feel a faint pain throughout the movie. The story depicts how a characterless person stoops so low to cover his faults blaming and victimising innocent people. It’s one of best slow thrillers that you must watch.


Emily Blunt

Rebecca Ferguson

Haley Bennett

Justin Theroux

Luke Evans

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/116HMOu


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