Dune 2021

Movie:¬†Dune Genre:¬†Sci-fi, Action,¬† Fantasy Director: Denis Villeneuve Country:¬†US Storyline:¬† The film starts with the narration by Chani, a habitant of planet Arrakis. She is a Fremen who are considered powerful … Read More

Mama 2013

Movie:¬†Mama Genre:¬†Horror,¬† Supernatural Director: Andy Muschietti Country:¬†Canada,¬† Spain, Mexico Storyline:¬† Jeffery Disange was a stockbroker who lost his everything financial crisis of 2008. After this he became mentally frustrated and … Read More

Ek Thi Dayan 2013

Movie:¬†Ek Thi Dayan Genre:¬†Horror,¬† Mystery Director:¬†Kannan Iyer Country:¬†India Storyline:¬† The story follows the life of India’s most famous magician Bejoy Charan Mathur aka Bobo. Although he is very successful in … Read More

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